Pro and Cons of ClickBank.

Even if you have never been to the Clickbank website, you have surely come across the name once or twice. Clickbank is the mother of all eBook and software selling websites and millions of eBook writers market their products and make money on their homepage. If you have digital products that your visitors can pay for and download, you may be able to post it for sale at the Clickbank marketplace.

If you don’t have an eBook written or software created, you can still make money as an affiliate. Besides a great place to sell your own products, Clickbank has enabled others to work from home, marketing the products that others have created. You can sell your own creations and you can still make money as an affiliate for your own products and others. No one said that you had to choose.

Before you take the leap into working with Clickbank, you should know what you are getting into. Below you will find a few good reasons to use Clickbank and a few reasons you might want to try selling your products somewhere else.

Clickbank Pros

Signing up for Clickbank is easy and simple. You can be finished in a matter of minutes, and you can start working with your affiliate links or the uploading of your content in a very short amount of time.

It is free to list your items at Clickbank. Unlike other sites that will charge you just to post what you have for sale, Clickbank allows you to post without payment. This is a great way to see how well a product is without worrying about seller fees.

Your customers can pay with all major credit cards, and they can also pay with Paypal. Having a website accept Paypal is crucial because millions of web users use it for payment when they shop online.

You can be paid from your content or affiliate link twice a week. Most online sites will only pay once a month or twice a week at most but you can request a check or wire transfer twice a week with Clickbank.

Your account is immediately activated and you do not have to wait a few hours for someone to say yes or no to your joining.

You can request payment with as little as $10. Online payment can range from $50 or even $100 when it comes to getting paid for your products or affiliate commissions from other websites.

As an affiliate, you have a choice of hundreds of thousands of digital products that you can market. Just about every topic has an eBook that you can recommend to your visitors.

As an eBook seller, once you signup, there are hundreds of thousands of affiliates that can market your ebooks and help to make you some money.

With the help of the keyword search, products are easy to find, which is great considering the many ebooks and software that is available for download.

Clickbank Cons

With the simple signup and many of the other factors of Clickbank that makes it a great place to post digital media, some might think that it is easy to make money by posting a link. You have to do the work and apply affiliate marketing if you hope to make money or a work at a home business using it.

There is a 90-day return policy that is very easy to use and it is no hassle. The problem with this is that many scammers have been buying these downloadable products and then requesting a refund. They are in effect, ripping off the people who made this content. These products are downloaded so the buyers get free merchandise and their money back, while the authors and creators lose out on sales and receive major chargebacks.

A great site though it may be, if you want complete control over how you sell your ebooks, where you sell and for how much, you may want to consider getting your own website. With Paypal and being able to accept credit cards and other payments much easier than it was in the past, you can sell your own products very easily without the use of a third party website like Clickbank.

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