‘Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing’ – have you got your holiday gift yet?


I’ve written to you a couple of times over the holidays about this brand new book written by Nick James, the guy that’s brought in $17,000,000 online.

Have you grabbed your free copy of ‘Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing’ yet?

I’m just checking because supplies are running out – Nick made just 300 free copies of his book available on a first come first served basis.

Over the last couple of days, I talked about how his next door neighbor refused a copy of the book when Nick offered him one.

His reason for not holding his hand out and accepting Nicks offer of ‘Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing’ was bizarre!

===> You can see how bizarre his excuse was here:


Unfortunately, a lot of people have an attitude just like Nick’s neighbor nowadays.

Even when someone 10 rungs further up the ladder than them …

Holds their hand out …

And offers to pull them up to where they are …

In one swift move …

They still won’t accept the help.

Look, if making money is on your mind right now, then help doesn’t get any better than this book.

With just this book in your hands you could crack six figures a year, but you’ve got to reach out and grab it.

So, if you want a free copy of ‘Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing’ …

You should stop checking your emails right now and head over to:


To your success

Evans Tomety


PS: By starting 2019 with this book in your hands, you have everything you need to hit six figures this year. So, claim your free copy of ‘Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing’ here:









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