: The DANGER of Superbugs (how to protect yourself)

Viruses can do a LOT of damage.

But until now, they’ve been treated with antiviral medications.

That’s all changing, though… because of something called “Superbugs.”


What are Superbugs?

They are quite simply viruses and pathogens which CANNOT be killed by ANY known medication.

Imagine getting an infection for which NOTHING — no drug, no herb, no known treatment — can help you.

It’s basically a death sentence.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne discovered three variants of the multidrug-resistant bug in samples from 10 countries, including strains in Europe.

Now, the World Health Organization is warning us about antibiotic overuse sparking new strains of killer, drug-resistant bacteria.

Bottom line: Superbugs are a big, scary problem.

You can read more about them — and the ONLY sensible solution for them on this page:

How to protect yourself against Superbugs <== get the solution


To your Health

Evans Tomety



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