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Welcome to the first post on a new blog I started on SuperBowl Sunday, 2/3/2019. Namely, SuperBowl LIII (which means I am reminded that I am 53-years-old) and I am coming to you from New Orleans, Louisiana. Maybe you heard what happened if you follow football? 

For now, I am far too excited about Traffic Ivy and may not even watch the SuperBowl, but we’ll see. What I am discovering today is the power of this new social, traffic network – Traffic Ivy! 

Traffic Ivy

An associate of mine on Wealthy Affiliate (WA) was taking advantage of the comments share feature available. I read his Traffic Ivy review and immediately became an upgraded member.

The comment feature I am referring to works like a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” type of setup. You pre-select your areas of interest, and are offered various blog posts to comment on. In return for your efforts, you are granted points which can then be redeemed for comments to your selected posts.

Granted I am brand spanking new at Traffic Ivy, but the sharing and giving concept appears to be somewhat similar to WA from the quid pro quo aspect, but with far more social sharing opportunities. Specifically, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Reedit are available, as demonstrated on the screenshot below.

Traffic IvyFurthermore, you also have the capability to add a WordPress blog here, which is what caught my attention in the Wealthy Affiliate post to begin with.

It looks as though highly targeted keyword selection would significantly boost your results with solid, valuable content on Traffic Ivy content. The Jaxxy Keyword Generator available at WA would be a perfect solution to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through the roof!

And the Blog Goes On!

Honestly, this is a bit experimental for me, but it looks like a fantastic concept and I had to give it a whirl. I did have trouble with my first attempt at linking my blog to Traffic Ivy that I am compelled to share to save you a headache.   

Download the Traffic Ivy WordPress Plugin and upload/install to your blog BEFORE you try to link your blog to TrafficIvy in the “Assets Section!”

At this point, the instructional video does not suggest this and I had a hell of time getting this to work. In fact, I started this new blog in my efforts! It was on my to-do list anyway, but…

My other blog on WA is and plan to use Traffic Ivy to generate traffic there as well. I still have tons of work to do there as well, but it looks cool as I used a premium theme and some other fancy plugins. I think I am going to keep this blog fairly simple, upload videos, and monitor how Traffic Ivy boosts the rankings.

FREE Cartoon Videos

This is a labor of love and I try to help as many people as time permits. Some folks offer to pay me for this service, but really I enjoy working with and helping others. Maybe one day, but now I do it for fun and team building. Actually, I am writing this on the fly and think I may take a break, and make a video specifically designed for this post. Be right back…

Well it took me longer than usual as either my video software may have glitched, or I need more training. It didn’t matter to me as, being from New Orleans, I was sitting this Super Bowl out. This is not exactly my best video, but it gives you an idea:  

Click the image below to see a sample cartoon video on a sample page. I could make a video and/or page similar to this for your business if you are interested in teaming up. Call it a Join Venture of sorts.

Free Cartoon Video for Your Business

Commission Gorilla via SoManyHits

This page was created with Commission Gorillas which is a very handy tool and it makes creating pages for your team extremely easy! This is one of many products by PromoLabs. I first learned of them from LandingPageMonkey, which is also an easy to use splash page generator.

I took the page link from Commission Gorilla, and set up a campaign with SoManyHits, which is a really sweet link cloaker that creates viral traffic for you. Sorry if I got off topic, but those are a couple of more tools you can use in your “marketing toolbox” to build your web presence and generate ongoing, relevant traffic.

If you do opt to try SoManyHits, please check your links before you promote! Now and then, it looks like some URLS do not show up for some reason I can’t explain, but for the most part, most URLs work and this program is sending traffic.


Traffic Ivy and Wealthy Affiliate are the perfect complement to each other! Each program is dynamic and engaging in and of itself and will help guide you through the maze of traffic generation and building a viable online presence. In this case, the phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” come to mind. Both have an active community of like-minded individuals who aspire to generate traffic by creating relevant and helpful traffic. Personally, I feel inspired logging into both.

At Wealthy Affiliate this afternoon, I sat in on a very informative, live webinar on “Scalability”, offering various helpful suggestions on how to generate more content, more traffic, and more customers. As I listened and took copious notes, I could not help but think how Traffic Ivy will assist in this process.

Cindy Donovan is the creator of Traffic Ivy, and I am thoroughly impressed with her heretofore! She is energetic, enthusiastic, and obviously knowledgeable of traffic generation using social networks. She hooked me when she explained how traffic exchanges are not as effective as they once were and her goal was to find an exchange type solution where members actually benefit from their engagement. Cindy has hit a BULLSEYE with Traffic Ivy and it has my highest recommendation! 

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