How To Think About SEO Success in 2019


Hi, my name is Darren Bayton, and I am the CEO of Beyond SEO Solutions. My company philosophy is to help business owners to understand the power of the internet and bring them up to date with legitimate modern Digital Marketing strategies. I am sharing this article today on the topic of ‘How To Think About SEO Success in 2019’. Google is always changing the game, and you have to be on top of that game to keep your business visible in the search engines. 

Therefore, the quickest and most effective way to start improving your SEO Success is to change the way that you thinking about doing it.

This ultimately comes down to a ‘cognitive shift’, which will improve the way that you approach your ‘On and Off-Page changes and simultaneously give you a big boost in traffic and website performance. The rest comes down to how you convert your visitors, but we will leave that for another topic!


By focussing solely on the underlying philosophy of your SEO, rather than individual principles, you will be able to keep your SEO strategies updated to those that Google and other search engine companies introduce.

  1. So, what does this SEO Philosophy entail?
  2. Where have you been going wrong with your SEO to date?
  3. What do you need to change about your approach to start seeing positive improvements for the long term benefits?


SEO Overview

The first and most important thing to change about your approach is to stop looking at SEO as a bid to cheat Google’s Search Engine algorithms as many people still try to do in 2019.

It’s this mentality that causes people to spend a lot of time and effort spamming the web to build backlinks, to steal content and spin it in order to change it sufficiently for Google to view it as unique, to fill your content by keyword stuffing and more. It’s about working out Google’s algorithm and then employing that knowledge in order to try and get your content to jump straight to the top of the SERP’s right?


As you can imagine, Google and Co don’t like being played at their own game. Google didn’t design their algorithms in order to create a convenient way for site owners to get to the top of their search terms and it doesn’t want to see people using spammy tactics as a way to thrive online.

As such, the more you take part in these kinds of practices, the closer you will come to getting penalised by Google and completely removed from their index!

My sincere advice here is to stay away from SEO sites offering these services and promising page one positions. Even if it seems tempting in the first place, and even if you can find someone on to set you up a ‘private blog network’ (PBN) or create multiple dormant Social Media account and get to the top of Google in short term; the long term ill-gotten-gains from this practice means that Google is bound to evolve and to find ways to remove cheaters that use Black-Hat and Grey-Hat SEO tactics.

3 Types of SEO - White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat

What to do instead?
So what do you do instead? This is very easy. You focus on delivering amazing High-Quality content for your visitors and partner your business with other High-Quality websites.

How do you do this? You make yourself a trusted brand. Everything you do should portray your brand message and image. And if you help to properly answer the questions that Google’s users want to be answered, you are more than likely to start being trusted by more visitors. But more importantly, Google will start to trust you more and rank you higher!

Google’s job is to make sure that when someone searches for a particular subject, they are provided with a useful, relevant and well-written response. Google needs to keep doing that in order to keep one step ahead of its rivals, Bing and Yahoo!

Quality SEO Content

By creating relevant High-Quality and trustworthy content, you are aligning your own marketing goals with Google. Also, by showing Google that you work with other known and trusted brands, you are suggesting that your business and marketing content is trustworthy.

When you do this ethically and correctly, Google will try and pair your site to the right search terms for their users and your visitors will be glad they found your site and Google will be glad to show it to them!

SEO is really simply in 2019

Doing anything that will help you to rank higher in Google; and right now in 2019, that just means creating relevant High-Quality content, digital marketing services, that have value to your customer and e-commerce products that people want to buy. So get out there and start sharing your links. Here’s to your online success!

I hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to share and comment. 

Until the next time, over and out. 


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