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The CB Passive Income License Has Been The Turnkey System To Make Money Online For The Past 5 Years…
Introducing Version 5.0
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Hi, my name is Patric Chan, the best-selling author of WakeUp Millionaire and multiple other books.

During this video, I’m going to share with you how you can generate income from the internet
I know, it’s quite a big claim to make… but you’ll see how easily it can be done at the end of this video because I’ve done it…
… And you can do the same too.
Here’s The Story, Started Back In 2013…

You see, for the past many years, I’ve been using a proven way of making money online in the “internet marketing niche” and I’m really pleased to announce that it has been generating auto-pilot income for me – EVERY DAY without fail.

And in 2013, I’ve decided to share the entire system to the world – allowing ANYONE to duplicate EXACTLY how they make money online FOR THEMSELVES too.
By allowing them to clone my exact webpage, product promotion, email marketing and everything else I’ve created…
I’ve even shown them the exact places where I was getting the traffic from…

Here’s my system:

Over the years, I’ve developed many powerful marketing software to make money from the internet and created training courses.
But instead of selling them to customers, the software and training courses are given away for free via a “secret web page” that I’ve created (not available from any of my official websites).
When they requested for my product for free and became my new subscribers, I’ll continue to send them valuable training and updates.
But found in each of the emails sent, there will be a promotion of an affiliate program where I’ll be able to make affiliate commission. 
And sometimes, I’ll send them product recommendations to buy too.
The products promoted are from, the largest “marketplace” for digital products. 
Also, ClickBank only approves legitimate products into their affiliate program marketplace. This way, I know I’m promoting GOOD PRODUCTS and adding value to my subscribers. 
Secondly, the typical commission percentage for a ClickBank product is around 50%! Thus, it’s much more profitable to promote a DIGITAL PRODUCT (like an eBook, video course, software, etc) than a physical product.
So in short, as long as I continue to send out emails to them, I’ll continue to make money online.


And in 2015, I’ve been invited to ClickBank’s HQ in Boise to meet with their CEO, VP and other top management executives…

Here’s what ClickBank has to  share…


So that’s how the CB Passive Income was born back in 2013.

With that turnkey system, my customers were able to duplicate exactly what I was doing in just 3 steps…
  •  Login to the CB Passive Income Dashboard and insert their ClickBank ID. This way, they’ll earn 100% of the commissions from my email promotion effort
  •  Choose which one of my pages they would want to clone
  •  Go through my training on how to promote their new online business – how to start getting traffic
“Why It Works So Well For My Customers, Especially For Newbies?”
Because the truth is, it’s unlikely that a newbie can pull this off successfully, if I don’t give them a “done-for-you” system like this. Even an intermediate internet marketer would struggle…
Why? Well…
  • It’s not easy to create a top notch web page that can convert subscribers very well. Also, putting the effort to continue testing it for improvement… is tough.
  • It’s not easy to come up with an attractive but free offer that can entice the visitor to subscribe. Our “secret web page” can convert subscribers at almost a 50% conversion rate!
  • Newbies do not have any proven credibility in the internet marketing niche, therefore, it’s very hard to “command” any attention from the visitors and subscribers
  • Unless the Newbie is in the market long enough, he or she wouldn’t know what products or affiliate programs to promote… or how to promote them effectively!
  • Most newbies don’t have the technical software and know-how to get started – domain name, hosting, an auto-responder for emailing and so on. Not to mention, all of these can be quite overwhelming to understand…
  • Many simply do not have the time to create new courses to give to their subscribers. Without ongoing content, you’ll lose the subscribers quickly.
  • They would also need to be true masters of email marketing because the fact is, the money is really made by SENDING CAREFULLY CRAFTED EMAILS.
  • Despite what the Gurus have been pitching before, it’s not entirely true that there is zero cost to start a solid internet business. There are costs involved… especially with hiring designers, writers, etc! On top of that, hosting and autoresponders are monthly cost.
  • When a newbie gets started, he or she needs a coach for guidance and advice
  • But the most complex matter of all is structuring a SYSTEM that can be highly profitable going forward…
But, what if the Newbies can leverage on and use my entire system WITHOUT paying any loyalty or licensing fee?
And, I’ll even train them for FREE!
“In A Nutshell, CLONE My Entire Business System So That It Can Generate Affiliate Commissions For You Too, On Auto-Pilot…”
But before I continue any further, let me share with you a little bit about myself so that you know that I’m real. The fact is, there is a lot of “noise” out there, sometimes, you don’t even know who’s real and who isn’t…
Firstly, I don’t hide behind a computer screen. This is me.
I’ve also spoken to audiences in 12 countries as an internet marketing authority since 2005 and have authored several best-selling books.
One of my physical books is Clicking Cash, which is co-authored by Robert G. Allen, the New York Times best-selling author of Multiple Streams of Income, Nothing Down, One Minute Millionaire, Cracking The Millionaire Code, Cash In A Flash and many more big hits.
To illustrate how long I’ve been in this industry, Clicking Cash was authored back in 2012…
Here’s a testimonial from the late Bill Bartmann, the Billionaire Coach who became the 25th wealthiest person in America…

The Late Bill Bartmann, Billionaire Coach

This is the BEST book I’ve read about creating wealth and making money from the internet, period. The internet is one of the fastest ways to create multiple streams of income and Clicking Cash can show you how. Read this book as soon as possible.
Here’s a video from Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnel and best-selling author of DotComSecrets…
Truth is, I didn’t become a Guru overnight. 
I’ve been in your shoes before, struggling to make money online when I first started… way back to 2003 to be precise. It took me almost a year to crack the code!
During the following year, I was featured on Google News, about me making $21,560.26 from home – that’s 15 years ago from today. 
Google News was still in its Beta phase then…
But, that’s enough about me – because this video is not about me at all, it’s really about you.
What if …
You could license my entire internet business system without paying any loyalty or license fee?
And I’ll even train YOU for free – like how I’ve helped my previous customers?
On top of that, I’ll WORK FOR YOU, for FREE too?
Let me introduce you to…
The CB Passive Income License Program 5.0
A truly revolutionary internet business-in-a-box program that can generate a sustainable passive income for you!
Imagine if…
  • You didn’t need to write or produce any content
  • You didn’t need to create any courses to be given away
  • You didn’t need to create any products to sell
  • You didn’t need to write any sales letters
  • You didn’t need to pay for hosting or an auto-responder
  • You didn’t need to send emails at all
  • You didn’t need to provide any customer service or follow up
  • You didn’t need to research for what products or affiliate programs to promote
  • You didn’t even need to learn internet marketing!
Heck, with this program, you don’t need to do anything except for one simple task!
When you choose to use the CB Passive Income license, you will get an exact clone of my proven, successful business with the potential to generate a passive income through it… and we’ll handle absolutely *everything* for you.
Monthly Q&A Training Calls With Me – LIVE In Person!

This program doesn’t just come with the PROVEN SYSTEM and COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING, it also comes with my personal time to help you succeed!

Each month, I’ll get on a call to help you answer your marketing questions of using the CB Passive Income system. This will be a LIVE training, but if you can’t attend, you’ll still be getting the recorded version each month.
With this powerful component, I can guide you “systematically” to making money online.
For instance, for the first 30 – 60 days or so, your questions may be more towards matters related to “how to use” the system.
And as you get more familiar and your expertise increases, you’ll start to ask further questions related to email marketing, traffic strategies or “hacks”.
Therefore, the Q&A Training Call will be ideal to work with you for short term – and long term growth.

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