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So you want to get visitors to your affiliate link to start making money online. Well you’ve come to the right place, because in this post we’ll look at buying solo ads and getting viral traffic.

The simplest and fastest way to get online visitors is to buy solo ads. A solo ad is an email promoting a product, sent to a targeted list of subscribers.

Normally you’ll pay for only ‘unique’ clicks. So for example if one person clicks your link say 3 times it will register as 1 unique click rather than 3 clicks.

You can buy at least 100 guaranteed / unique clicks for about 60 cents a click or 2,000 clicks for about 45 cents a click.

In the above examples, 100 unique visitors will cost $60 and 2,000 unique clicks will cost $900.

What Is Viral Traffic

When your affiliate link is shared  by social media hundreds and thousands of times, the resultant visitors to your web page is viral traffic.

A Marketplace For Viral Traffic

Your Marketplace For Viral Traffic

There’s a SaaS based network with a marketplace that boasts of about 1,000 social media accounts that could generate viral traffic for your affiliate links.

The cost of generating 100, 500, or even 2,000 unique targeted visitors to your affiliate link using viral traffic, can be a fraction of what you’ll have to spend for solo ads.

So the return on advertising money spent could be Sooooo much higher.

For example, for less than $20 you can get 2,000 unique targeted visitors to your affiliate link using viral traffic.

That means More Profit for You!

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Updated: February 27, 2019

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