Different Promotions Need Different Landing Pages

There’s one course of action too many eager entrepreneurs with big aspirations take that’s actually a one-way road to failure:

Relentlessly chasing new customers.

On the surface, this sounds like an admirable pursuit. However, it should only be part of a marketing campaign and implemented only after the top priority is addressed during each working session:

Continuing to personalize relationships with existing customers.


It’s not a revelation that the stronger the trust a customer has in the vendor, the more more likely continued sales will be made.

In marketing, nothing is more important than relationships. Virtually every decision, then, should be made with this tenet in mind.


The underlying theme here is to establish a process of personalization as soon as possible in your marketing campaign.

It’s one of the key reasons why segmentation of e-mail lists is so vital. The more you can identify where each prospect and customer stands in relation to your brand’s products and/or services, the more efficiently you can cater to their specific needs.


Landing pages are an important element in this process.

To be clear, let’s review what a landing page is:

  • Message match … conforms to the ad or link that brought the reader there.
  • Promotes a single offer … the content focus is on a single conversion goal.
  • 1:1 conversion ratio … contains no unrelated links or other distractions.
  • Personalization … hails the reader’s arrival and continues the presentation.

Typically, they take one of four forms:

  • Squeeze page … collects users’ email addresses in exchange for a free offer.
  • Splash page … displays a graphic and sparse text to fulfill a specific goal, such as language preference, age, and/or special announcements.
  • Lead capture page … contains a form to collect a lead’s additional data.
  • Sales page … long-form narrative, explaining value and directly promoting a purchase.


Those functions are distinctly different from the purpose of your website’s home page, which serves as the anchor location for your brand:

  • It’s the base for your domain, eg- www.betterlifefocus.com;
  • It provides an overview of your brand;
  • It links to other important pages of your business; and
  • It enables visitors to contact you directly.

Your home page adds to your brand’s credibility and authority. Thus, it’s beneficial for prospects interested in your marketing campaign offer to be directed there in a secondary manner. Just don’t do it on the campaign’s landing page.

Better Life Franchise 728x90

A method that’s been successful for us is to include a link to our home page at the end of the autoresponder follow-up messages to the email address we’ve captured on the landing page:

home page link on autoresponder follow-up email

Landing pages provide the first indication of your prospects’ interest in your brand’s product and/or service. After all, if they’ve volunteered to exchange their email address for something you’ve offered, you’ve received additional information as to:

  • who they are,
  • what their preferences are, and
  • what needs they have that you can accommodate.

This clearly calls for a separate list of follow-up messages that pertain to how you can make their life easier.


Just as clearly, you can’t muddle your customer personalization process by deploying the same landing pages for different campaigns, especially to your existing customers.

The obvious answer is to have an assortment of landing page templates, and it’s even better if you can obtain one for free.

Here’s a sampling of one free 81-template collection that’s not only versatile, it’s also been proven effective as evidenced by its popularity. You’re most welcome to download it for your own use:

squeezematic template samples

There’s no question that combining landing pages and segmenting e-mail lists is an efficient way to initiate an effective personalization process.

Now you have access to a set of tools to help take action and make it happen.

Better Life Franchise 728x90

Kjell Sherman, Manager – The Norra Ljusen Trust

Norra Ljusen — pronounced norra YOU-sun — is Swedish for Northern Lights.  My name, Kjell, is pronounced shell to English speakers.

You can view a short video about how I entered the exciting world of online entrepreneurship on the home page of our Better Life Focus site. It’s dedicated to motivated marketers and provides trending Dot Com news, information, and entertainment for motivated entrepreneurs who commit to take action in their quest to reclaim their time by becoming and remaining financially independent via e-commerce.

If you’re committed to online success, we’d like to welcome you to the Dot Com lifestyle!

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