How to Make Time Your Life’s Real Currency

There are sayings and phrases we hear so often, we don’t really pause to fully consider their full meaning.

For example, we’ve all heard that time is money.

In a general sense, that’s true. In a literal sense, it’s the essence of the Dot Com lifestyle. It’s the conclusion of a logical progression:

  • Time is a scarcity;
  • Scarcity has value;
  • Results have value;
  • Value is money.

And money buys you the freedom of time to spend your life the way you want.

In determining your current relationship with time, calculate your day rate and then deploy this simple equation:

cost calculation in terms of time

Thus, if you’re earning $20/hour and a purchase you’re considering costs $100, you’re looking at five hours of work to cover it.

That’s half a day out of your life.

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For motivated individuals, this example is an unacceptable rate. Fortunately, there are ways to beat it.

One course of action is to become an e-commerce entrepreneur.

The key is having the self-discipline to incorporate time management into that part of the day that you control.

There’s almost always a temptation to surge into a new endeavor that, frankly, is an unsustainable pace that often leads to frustration. Thus, the essential ingredient in time management is planning.

Begin by getting into a positive and practical frame of mind. If you’re one whose motivation begins with inspiration, think first about where you currently stand in the time-money equation and add deep thoughts like these:

Then, become efficient.

Just remember that it begins and ends with you:

Never lose sight of achieving results in every task you do. That’s the difference between getting into a routine or a rut.

Sufficient empirical data exists to validate the 80/20 rule, so heed the work of those who have found success and utilize it.

Time is your life’s real currency.

  • You must consciously choose to give it value by thinking of it in that sense.
  • You begin by taking action so that it’s more than just a concept.

Then, how you save and spend time is your choice, not someone else’s.

When you achieve this as an e-commerce entrepreneur by making your time your own, you’re living the Dot Com lifestyle.

It’s there to be done.

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