Put Your Banners Inside Your Competitors Business

GEO Targeting & Mobile Conquesting

How would you like to walk into your competitors place of business and nail your ads all over the walls inside their business? I know that sounds like a crazy idea, but new technologies in the mobile marketing and ad tracking space will allow business owners to do just that.

Although you won’t really be walking into your competitor’s business with a hammer, nails, and your banners in hand, getting your ads to show to your competitor’s customers is even easier than hammering nails and you won’t be arrested for trespassing.

In fact, your competitor will likely not even realize what’s happening. Unless they are a smart marketer like you are.

After you are finished reading this article, you will have an advantage.

What makes all this legal and possible is the device we all carry with us everywhere. If you guessed cell phone, then you are on the right track. You see that almost all newer cell phones have GPS and what’s called an advertiser ID. Combine that with about a 100,000 plus mobile applications and some of the most powerful advertising platforms in the history of mankind (Facebook & Google), and you got a customer tracking, location based, demographic targeting, system that seems very much like the tech found in a modern-day CIA movie.

If you are scared, I understand. The reality is that these systems are being used to deliver highly targeted ads directly to user’s phones, based on all types of data, including location.

Here are some examples of how you can use this technology to benefit your business.

Example 1 – Car Lot

Say you are car dealer, and a car buyer walks onto your competitor’s car lot. You set up a a virtual box around their business called a geo fence, and then anytime a customer walks onto the competitor’s car lot, they will start seeing your car lot’s ads being displayed on their phone and desktop devices.

Let me say that again. They walk into a specific area you defined as a competitor’s location, and then your ads start showing up on their devices.

There is nothing more targeted than putting your product or service in front of a ready to buy shoppers.

So, you don’t have a car business. Here is another use example.

Example 2 – Hospital

Let say you’re an attorney. You focus on personal injury cases, specifically auto accidents. Well, unless you have a huge TV or radio marketing ad budget, getting your law firm in front of customers who need you right now is extremely expensive. Unless of course you are one of those ambulance chasers.

Instead of chasing red lights everywhere,  you decided to use the latest GEO Targeting and Mobile Conquesting technology to target the main local hospital emergency room, because you know that most auto accidents that happen in your geo graphical area go to that specific hospital.

Now, every person that comes into the hospital emergency room starts seeing your personal injury law firm ads right when they need it. If not, the person injured, then their family members will. Later they decide they need to contact an attorney. Since they have been seeing your ads everywhere, you get the call.

I hope you are starting to see the power behind this new technology.

If you are thinking this is a little too much like big brother looking over your shoulder, you are right, but the problem for business owners is that if they fail to use the technology to target their competitor’s customers, their competitors could use it against their business.

In another example, the business owner wanted to know when came to their furniture store to look but didn’t purchase anything.

Example 3 – Furniture Store Retargeting

In this example the furniture store owner realized that he was getting a lot of foot traffic into his business, especially on the holidays, when they would offer sales.

He setup a GEO Targeting and Mobile Conquesting campaign to target those visitors that came and left. He would then hit them with a special follow-up campaign to give those visitors to his store a chance to use a special coupon to come back. Although he is not targeting his competitor’s business, he is using it to retain and improve his own business through a real world to online retargeting campaign.

There are so many examples of how this can be used. Here is a list to get those creative marketing strategies flowing through your gray matter.

  • Restaurants to Restaurant
  • Spas to Spa
  • Sporting Events to Fan Store
  • Apartment Buildings to Real Estate or Apartment Building
  • Events
  • Business Type to Targeted Employment Opportunities
  • Gyms to Gym
  • Gyms to Heath Niche
  • Gyms to Weight Loss Niche
  • Airports to Travel Related Niche
  • Theme Parks
  • The list goes on and on….

There are a lot of ways to use this technology to put your ads in front of those who visit businesses that are related to your business.

As you can tell there are a lot of opportunities to utilize this technology. If you are interested in putting this technology to work in your business, contact us today.

It’s up to you to turn your dreams into reality by taking action!

Eric Sullivan

Rapid Action Marketing Digital Marketing Agency

122 E. Main St. #270

Lakeland, FL 33801


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