How To Make Some Extra Money With Your Cell Phone Camera

Toronto, Canada, – Cell phone cameras just keep getting better and better. How about using that cell phone camera to make you some extra money.

Your cell phone camera holds the key to an excellent opportunity for just about anyone who has one (and who doesn’t these days) to take some great generic stock pictures or capture a news event by taking a picture or shooting a video. Remember to always shoot horizontally when shooting a video for TV or a website.

You can then upload those pictures and/or video and make some extra money quickly. It is easy and free when you know where to upload those images and videos too.

You can even sign up and get assignments sent directly to your cell phone. One of our partners has a great app you can download for free that will alert you when an event is happening close to you. It doesn’t get any easier than this and the best part is this is all free.

Picture Stock Worldwide has been helping citizen journalists sell their pictures and video since 1997. We have teamed up with some of the best picture agencies to upload and sell your images and video or sign up for assignments for just about anyone with a cell phone. Do you own a DSLR camera? The opportunities are even greater. Newspapers, magazines, TV stations, and all kinds of media websites are all looking for new and fresh content when news breaks and this holds an excellent opportunity for just about anyone with a cell phone but without a journalism degree. If you do have a journalism degree, the opportunities are endless.

Picture Stock can help you knock it up a notch and we will help you get into concerts, sporting events, fashion shows, news scenes or shoot celebrities in your town or city with press credentials designed especially for the citizen journalist. Our press pass is used by thousands of average people around the world every day. Most of which depend on their Picture Stock press pass to earn their livelihood. Here is your chance to reap the rewards. Your kit along with your press credentials also includes a personal parking pass and an accreditation certificate shipped right to your home no matter where you live worldwide and shipping is free if you live in the USA or Canada. A small shipping fee applies for all other countries.

This is the best-kept secret that photographers use to get up close to get the best possible pictures and video and earning some extra money for the love of photography.

Picture Stock Worldwide is a private company located in Toronto, Canada since 1997 with thousands of photographers in more than 65 countries worldwide who use their press credentials to get into events everyday to get the best possible pictures. Citizen journalists can opt to sell their images and video on their own or they can use the Picture Stock platform to upload to various picture agencies who will pay them every time an image or video is bought and downloaded. Their customers can also download an app through one of their partners and be alerted when an event takes place close to them or they can be notified to shoot an upcoming event. There is no cost to use any of their services and anyone can register.

Here is the link to upload your cell phone pictures and start making some extra money:

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