How does Traffic work?

As an IT Person, I’m really fascinated on how traffic and Ads work. I meant the good kind where we earn points.

What is traffic? Why do we need it, anyway?

Let’s get to the point here, the reason why Facebook, or any websites are running is because of traffic.

Traffic is where people will access a certain website, which makes them get the most amount of access. (Correct me, if I’m wrong here) certainly if a server is having problems, Bottleneck occurs.


Well a lot of websites need traffic, especially working and retail websites, but why?

That’s the easiest, because if you have traffic you get more visitors on your websites, the more traffic the more frequent users, check your content or see what they want. Example of these are websites where we try to buy stuff, for a product that’s well known, we are Iin traffic of that certain website. Since we are trying to get the product itself.


And sometimes when we try to access a certain site, it takes too long to load. Because of bottlenecks, this happens when so many people are trying to access a certain website. And the website can handle mostly an estimate of users, if that exceeds we experience this in a website.



In any case, why do we need traffic? Simple.


Popularity, and getting the top spot. If your website is at the top of Google’s search, then a lot of people will click on your site.

More clicks = More fame? Yep. That’s why a lot of people are spending on SEO experts, because the keywords and algorithm Google needs is kept, and they need certain keywords so that the website theyre advertising stays on top of Google.


I hope that I filled you in on what traffic is. 

There’s a tons of things, I still don’t know, either way this is one of the things we need to know on this age of technology.

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