Simple Ways To Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media

According to Statista, as of 2017 there are 25 million business pages on Instagram. With so many businesses from big to small marketing their products and services online, here are some strategies to ensure you’re increasing your brand awareness effectively on social media. 

Get Visual

Getting your content noticed in the noisy world of social media requires eye-catching subject matter.  That means photos and video.  Grabbing the attention of your target audience is made all the more easier when you attach images to your updates, regardless of the platform.  Just scan your own news feed on Facebook to see which posts make you stop and take notice.  Odds are that more often than not, it’s an image or video thumbnail that caught the eye. (Influence Agents)

Tag Others to Get Them Talking

Tagging (@ mentioning) is a brilliant brand awareness strategy because it only takes about half a second and instantly amplifies your content.

Think about it. Anyone you tag via Twitter or Instagram instantly receives a notification, meaning you win an extra opportunity for engagement. Not only that, but it’s a surefire way to make positive impressions on others players in your industry. If you have an opportunity to give someone a shoutout, go for it. (Sprout Social)

Connect With and Learn From Influencers

Connect with influencers who share your audience, complement your offering, and don’t compete with you to tap into established groups of consumers. Joint venture partnerships with influencers can vary in structure. They may include exchanging content, packaging bundled giveaway offerings, and developing an affiliate fee structure. How complicated and involved you want to make these relationships is up to you. Also, follow influencers who make sense with your brand to observe and learn from their posts. See what they discuss and watch engagement levels to see what types of content work with their audiences. Your team can use their popular posts to spark new ideas for your brand. (Ad Roll)

When connecting with influencers, send gift packages that include high ticket items like premium tech promos like customized Apple Airpods, Taotronics earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, power banks and wireless chargers to keep them always plugged into their devices for social media. 

Hold contests

It can be any type of contest. A free giveaway for the best idea about X, Y, or Z, for example. Get creative. Share the parameters of the contest on social and let the games begin. People love to compete and will share your contest post with others, expanding the reach of your brand and increasing brand awareness. (Agile CRM) Add custom branded tech gifts as prizes. 

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