4 Ways to Make Your Prime Labels POP! By Kenna Ryan | Apr 30, 2020

Prime Labels from Stouse offer an optimal way to showcase any product. They provide a crisp 4-color process print quality exclusive to this type of roll label. Meant for front application on bottles, jars, bags, and more, these labels provide companies with a superior advantage for branding their products.

Prime Label

The goal of a “prime label” is to attract the attention of potential buyers. While your high-end product is already a huge selling point, the design needs to communicate the product benefits to consumers at a glance. Help customers elevate their branding by taking advantage of what Prime Labels have to offer. Here’s how:

1.Keep it High-Res: The best start to any label is with high-quality artwork. Images should always be 300 ppi or higher to maximize the print quality. Our state-of-the-art printing process is guaranteed to satisfy when the artwork meets the proper guidelines. No need to worry about having too much detail, these labels will rise to the challenge

2.Keep it Attractive: While the company may already have colors selected for the product, color choice is very important. Incorporate the right contrast so the label is pleasing to the eye. Avoid using light colors on white backgrounds and dark colors on black backgrounds. Ensure the design attracts the viewer’s attention to the appropriate areas on the label with the right use of color and a strong visual hierarchy.

3.Keep the Small Text: With these labels, small text is no problem. Include as much, or as little, information as the company desires. Our presses print fine lines and intricate text like those small trademark symbols and tiny must-have disclaimers.

4.Keep it Unique: Rev up sales with a label that pops! Make sure your label is the one consumers cannot look away from. Add a gloss or matte laminate to alter the appearance and make the product look different from the other brands on store shelves. Alternatively, request a spot gloss coating over a specific area to draw attention to key elements.

No matter what product the customer is selling, Prime Labels are sure to exceed expectations. These high-end labels with superior print quality and top-of-the-line substrates are the perfect solution for boosting product sales. Let us help you deliver a great label. If you need guidance, you can rely on our knowledgeable customer success team. Contact our label experts for questions or pricing at PrimeLabels today!

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